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And why would we even expect Nikon to fix small little nagging issues like this when they only raise the price by US00?

Curiously, the 180-400mm f/4 is going to change one aspect of the focus system.

Really Right Stuff and Kirk Enterprises will be happy to know that they still will be making accessories to fix Nikon's negligence.

Okay, the new tripod collar handle has some rubber on it where you carry it, a new touch that's welcome.

The 180-400mm f/4 is virtually the same size as the older 200-400mm f/4, and only slightly more heavy (123.4 ounces instead of 118.5 ounces, probably due to the addition of the extra lens elements and mechanism for switching in the built-in TC-14x).

The formula is much more complex, essentially being 35 elements in 24 groups when the TC is in place (the old lens was 24 and 17).

When Canon came out with their 200-400mm f/4 and it had a built-in 1.4x teleconverter that could be flipped in, those of us who able to shoot with it against the Nikkor found what we really wanted.

If Henry Ford were brought back from the dead and told to examine a Telsa, he’d easily recognize it as a car, but he might be in shock after he tried looking for the engine. Actually, hardly anyone does #4 any more, because that’s what three hours of shaky 4K video is for now. You’d think that viewflow would have changed by now. (Who that would be is unknown.) Then they’ll refine that approach, iterate it, and make it smaller. At least Sony has a game company, movie studio, and record label ;~).

Latest News/Views stories (top is most recent): Nikon used the Consumer Electronics Show to launch the new AF-S 180-400mm f/4E TC1.4 FL ED VR lens.

Wow, that's US00 an acronym, nearly a record for a consumer product ;~).

There are better third-party solutions available for both, but of course, that just adds to the expense of acquiring this lens.

Of course, if you can afford US,400, what's another couple hundred dollars to fix Nikon's design issues?I've written it for decades now, but it's becoming more apparent with each passing year: Nikon simply isn't really in touch with their customers.