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Finally, she kicks off the remaining right shoe and gets up.

Story and photo credits belong to "Feeture Feature"; click here for youtube footage (starts at 1min20secs)discovered by "bean zip".

Alice Whites character tries to rig the competition by giving her shoe to one man to give to the man she really wants.

But the plan doesnt work because the second man trades Whites shoe away.

He is walking so quickly that she has to half-run tokeep up with him. You see the wife trying to hop along to keep her foot off the grass then she just runs along in one shoe.

A man in the crowd that follows picks up the shoe and runs after them.

Contributed by "feeture feature"; youtube link by "bean zip".

) from the old-1960s where one of the daughters (Betty Jo played by Linda Henning) wants to impress a college guy she is dating.

According to this websitespecializing in movie mishaps, she actually tripped in that scene and the director Joshua Logan decided not to re-shoot the scene as it was shot between real rodeo shows. Contributions by "lennart", "feeture feature", and "kinja". Variety Girl (1947): Mary Hatchers character puts her foot inwet cement and loses her shoe.

She picks up the shoe and is chased wearing one shoe.

As the men start putting on the shoes, Whites character waitshopefully as the second man closes in; but it turns out tobe the wrong shoe.

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Finally, athird guy with her shoe gets to put it on Whites foot.

She teases him when he watches her in that lengthy scene. Bardot retrieves the shoe from him, puts it on and leaves without a word.

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