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Said Simon of the so-called Farrah Abraham sex tape (which is kind of a misnomer, but we also don't know what else to call it): “If getting back into the sex industry is what’s best for her and her daughter’s future, then I hope she is making the best decision for them." "Congrats to her.” One gets the impression there may be some sarcasm implied in that statement. Kendra Wilkinson "EXPOSED" Kendra’s sex tape is appropriately called “Kendra Exposed”.I had to be drunk or high everytime I cammed too." "Idk why she’s struggling with her camera angle so bad." "She most likely just had her laptop on a bed with her.” Another viewer who had a lot to say about it? None other than her notorious Internet troll ex, the incomparable Simon Saran. Farrah's mom Debra Danielsen called her out as well, saying the whole spectacle left her at a loss for words. Amber and I were the only ones to support her and to this day we stand by that. When she made her tape, MTV kicked her off the show.It's all over pretty fast…uh, we mean the clip, not their sexual romp!

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fans may be wondering, how would Amber's daughter Leah be told of her mother's decision to star in an adult film? It would be something I'd do when she's the right age."And while many may not agree with their decision to let cameras follow them to their bedroom, Matt insists that it's all in good fun."We wouldn't be doing anything illegal.

It definitely exposes Kendra as a filthy little slut.