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On top of the pyramid are also the ruins of a Medieval walled town, once the base of a Bosnian king Tvrtko of Kotromanic (1338-1391) This latest finding from this amazing structure appears to verify that there is enough evidence to conclude that the pyramid pre-dates the Sumerian civilisation by some 20,000 years.So, if this is indeed the case, then we do seem to be at a point in history where books will need to be thrown in the fire so that our actual history can be recorded more accurately to reflect what has been discovered both at this site, as well as sites such as The Pyramid of the Sun in Teotihuacan, Mexico (the Bosnian pyramid was given her name “pyramid of the sun” due to her similarities to Teotihuacan).carbon from the fragments of the tools used to cut the stone? I have been fairly convinced for awhile that there most likely was an advanced civilization in our distant are they not dating the carbon from when the stone was formed? Either we just don't know or it is being supressed. they haven't quite dated the pyramid to that time have they?

This carbon dating puts the pyramid 20 thousand years before the Sumerian and Babylonian “civilizations.Therefore, consolidating their position on the absolute timescale will facilitate a more comprehensive understanding of the ancient history of the wider Mediterranean region.We procurred samples from major international collections which are historically datable to a given kings reign.The samples were subjected to Accelerator Mass Spectrometry radiocarbon dating.

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To ensure reliability, samples from more recent periods of Egyptian history, of precise known-age, were also dated.

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