Online dating catfish stories online

05-Dec-2017 07:44

In no way do I want any association to that kind of person.” He was backed by Ms Coffey, who said: “Without a specific offence, ‘catfish’ who cause so much distress to individuals and their families will continue to exploit and harm other people.“Catfishing is a modern day menace affecting the lives of many innocent people. We must do something to deter this, and a change in the law is the most effective deterrent.” Ms Coffey has also been contacted by other victims of catfishing, including Anna Rowe, who collected 41,472 signatures for a petition calling for it to be made illegal to create a fake online profile with the intention of using it to lead others into sex.If I’ve told someone I’m a millionaire and I’m not, I haven’t stolen someone else’s identity to do so.“My catfisher didn’t just take my face, he gave me the persona of a person [who] is manipulative, deceitful and in my opinion mentally abuses women for his own sexual gratification.“His behaviour was premeditated, yet the current law will not find his actions a criminal offence.” Catfishing takes its name from the 2011 documentary In the documentary the catfish’s husband related the story of how, when live cod were shipped from North America to Asia, their inactivity in the tanks turned their flesh mushy.

Once the Catfish crew are on the scene, an investigation into the mysterious online persona is carried out – Nev and Max will look into what they could be hiding, then arrange a first-time meeting for the two involved and document how both sides react to seeing each other in real life.As ‘payment’ for their doubt, he wanted naked videos and pictures. Some would leave, and some stayed and had dinner with him.” Mr Peacock said that with the help of a private detective, he tracked down the catfish and informed his victims that they had been deceived. “Three had fallen in love, and the majority didn’t believe they could trust anyone again.