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24-Sep-2017 05:50

Be very detailed in your ad with as much info as possible.If anyone is selling that material and does a search on the internet, it is likely that they will find your CL post.

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I need 2-3 cases and would really appreciate any help.

I would leave it in the box that it is packaged in. I am looking for pergo brazil wood laminate flooring.

I purchased/installed ~1000 ft last year and now due to my daughters dig am in need to repair a small area. I am looking for Pergo brazil wood laminate flooring. Stacy, I just read your article on Buying Discontinued or Closeout Flooring and I aggree with you 100%.

This can become a problem for several reasons: We have had several consumers contact us recently for help finding discontinued or closeout flooring.

Here at Find Any Floor, we are always glad to help, and in many cases can speak with our contacts in the floor industry to help locate the exact flooring you are searching for.

This web site is wonderful and very informative and I thank you in advance for any time you can spare in helping me.