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So Noon, who had joined the WT Foods board, arranged a delisting of the company financed by a private-equity house.It later sold the company in a deal which netted him personally about £50m.A year later he got his first order from Birds Eye and took on a further 70 employees.A few months later he got an order from Sainsbury’s for 2,000 meals a week.He created “Bombay mix” and founded a confectionery company, Bombay Halwa.

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The Crown Prosecution Service explained that while peerages may have been given in exchange for loans, it could not find direct evidence that this had been agreed in advance.

Within 14 years Noon’s workforce in Southall had grown to 800 people and by 2006 Noon’s ultra-modern factory, the largest in the world for ready-made Indian food, was processing 80 tonnes of chicken a week to turn out meals for supermarkets including Sainsbury’s, Waitrose and Morrisons, as well as its own label.