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Abandoned Wells: a hazard because wells left on vacated lands can channel water contaminated by pesticides and fertilizer straight down into the water table. Abrasion: the wearing away of rock surfaces by small particles moved by air or water.

Abrasiveness also seems to be the one quality currently shared by most political appointees and prominent heads of state. Acid: a substance with a p H less than 7 due to prevalent hydrogen ions. The human stomach contains hydrochloric acid with a p H of 1; battery acid is stronger, but not by much. Acid Rain: precipitation heavy with nitric and sulfuric acid.

Often has the effect of making the bed of a stream or flood plain rise.

Miracle – Mud, (1) 18 watt PC Litht, Rio 2100 Pump, Intake hose & Return – Flexi hose with fixtures.

Most of it is generated by sulfur dioxide and nitrogen dioxide (air pollution). Results include fish and plant deaths, corrosion, groundwater pollution, and soil erosion. Actinomycetes: formerly classified as fungi because of their filaments, the actinomycetales include many types of soil bacteria.

They produce antibiotics, enzymes, and vitamins, although a few are harmful to humans.

Agriculture: large-scale cultivation of the land, with resulting specialization of labor, domestication of plants and animals, identification with one’s sedentery social group, and a radical separation from the natural world.

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The Agricultural (Neolithic) Revolution began ten thousand years ago in the Fertile Crescent, where extensive irrigation turned once-fertile croplands into barren salt pans.

Synthetic ammonia is a key component of artificial fertilizers.

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