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18-Jun-2017 08:23

You can get the modified dates from the Business Objects Central Management Console (CMC).You’ll need the proper permissions, and your Business Objects system admin may not want to give them to you.To search for objects made in a known year, enter that year in both the earliest and latest boxes.Example: For objects made in 2012, enter ‘2012’ as the earliest and latest years.All objects matching the keyword(s) anywhere in the object records will appear in the results.

The following code example shows how to do it (read the comment in the code for explanation): You can also take it one step further by collecting a custom value in the post editor then using that value in the above code.It has a few more steps (not exactly user-friendly), but you can get this kind of elusive "report properties" data in a list. Pro Karma is a global IT solutions company trusted by customers and valued by employees.From design and development to testing and integration, we provide customized IT solutions that will change the way you do business.For this tutorial we will show an “Expired” message before the post title if the post’s published date is older than 14 days.

The same concept can be applied to do any kind of conditional check and update the post title accordingly.The problem is that the Documents List in SAP Business Objects 3.x displays five fields: Since the creation and modified dates aren’t displayed, you’ll need to look at a report’s properties to see this date information with a Right-click Properties.