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23-Nov-2017 18:56

Panel 3 The chef hold out a neon-green egg towards the viewer. CHEF: Now sprinkle in lots of gear of being soft or gentle or vulnerable.

Nothing spoils this dish quicker than boys accepting these parts of themselves!

CHEF: Simmer for 10-40 years and there you have it… By the time I started college, I was already beginning to think I’d be a writer, not a musician, so when I played piano—which I did for hours each week in the practice rooms at Stony Brook University—I did so only for myself.

I never tried to learn any actual songs, though, preferring the improvised music I made based on what I’d learned in the couple of music theory courses I took, until I started working at Surprise Lake Camp and got involved with the drama program.

Today we’ll be making “toxic masculinity stew.” Yum! CHEF: In a separate bowl, put ht eidea that “the sex” is something held by women.

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(Throughout this strip, all colors are a bit desaturated and dull, other than the neon green.) CHEF: Welcome!PANEL 7 A white woman in slacks and a polo shirt sits on a park bench, reading a newspaper (“Daily Opiate”) and speaking cheerfully to the viewer.