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Is it selfish to broach this subject with my co-worker? Since things have been strictly professional between the two of you, blindsiding her with a declaration of feelings is a recipe for awkwardness all around.

Or should I try and find a different job, and then ask? You have to continue working each other, and it’s not fair to introduce that potential for discomfort into her daily work environment.

Complicating matters, I also believe Jane to be the least effective people manager.

Her team is a revolving door and those with tenure resent her and my manager.

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• You only tell them what you want them to know and nobody knows who or where you are unless you tell them.

But that part about reciprocation and paying attention to her cues really matters.

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If you don’t see those things, that means you’ll need to back off.

What do you do if you think your boss is having an affair with your co-worker? About five months into the job, I realized I had developed feelings for one of my co-workers.