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The natives lacked immunity to these new diseases and died in great numbers in epidemics.As a gateway to the Caribbean, Hispaniola became a haven for pirates during the early colonial period.

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Upon his death in a prison in France, he was succeeded by his lieutenant, Jean-Jacques Dessalines, who declared Haiti's sovereignty and later became the first Emperor of Haiti, Jacques I.Columbus left 39 men on the island, who founded the settlement of La Navidad.The sailors carried endemic Eurasian infectious diseases.In the Taíno societies of the Caribbean islands, the largest unit of political organization was led by a cacique, or chief, as the Europeans understood them.

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The island of Haiti was divided among five Caciquats: the Magua in the north east, the Marien in the north west, the Xaragua in the south west, the Maguana in the center region of Cibao and the Higuey in the south east.

making it the most populous country in the Caribbean Community (CARICOM) and the second-most populous country in the Caribbean as a whole.