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A Quiz competition for students, a poetry program, a cultural show and musical concert are also held. Lutkoh Valley, commonly known as Garam Chashma because of its hot springs, is 45 km from Chitral town and takes around 2 to 3 hours to reach by jeep. Lutkoh Valley, commonly known as Garam Chishma, celebrate its traditional cum religious spring festival of Pathak.

There are sulphur springs which have healing effect on skin diseases, gout, rheumatism and chronic headaches. It is quite modest hotel but takes care of basic necessities. Pir Nasir Khisraw, an 11th century spiritualist poet and Sufi philosopher came here to preach Islam. His disciples believe that in his 40-day meditation, he attained spiritual enlightenment, and they celebrate Phatak Festival in the memory of this day of enlightenment that falls on the first week of February.

From 1571 onward Chitral was the capital of the princely state of Chitral under the rule of the Katur Dynasty.

In 1895, the British negotiated a treaty with Chitral’s ruler, the Mehtar, and it was declared as a semi autonomous princely state within the Indian Empire.

This 50 minutes flight operates 4 days in a week, subject to weather (Flight status and schedule can be checked at the official website of PIA: ).

You can also go to Chitral by road both from Islamabad and Peshawar.

The Fokker came to a stop in a wheat field when its nose and main landing gears broke after hitting the banks of a drain. PIA claimed damages from its Insurance company and the Insurance Company sold the plane to a company in Australia.

The district is administratively divided into two tehsils (subdivisions); Chitral and Mastuj. Chitral is a district in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa (KPK) Province of Pakistan.