Apps keep auto updating websites

21-Dec-2017 23:17

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Patrons can browse to any URL in the underlying page (or any URL you share with them in Chat) – no matter where they go, the chat window remains overlaid on top.

This greatly reduces the disappearing patron effect, and make it heaps easier to walk patrons through complicated web or database searches.

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Sites that have already uploaded their own certificates will not be changed, although you are welcome to switch from your own certificate to Let’s Encrypt. Let’s Encrypt certificates are currently only available for Lib Guides sites with custom domains but will be coming to Lib Answers and Lib Cal custom domain sites in the near future.We’ve updated the link so it’s easier to find, and we’ve improved the modal window that displays past ticket information, so it’s easier to see all open/pending/closed tickets from the same person at a glance.New Typeahead Menu – We’ve revamped the formatting for the predictive search dropdown menu, shared by all search boxes throughout Lib Answers.Or if you’re not into December holidays, Happy 2018 from Springy to you!

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🙂 There are a ton of new features for you to explore in Lib Guides this month.Good to know: some websites employ i Frame busting software, which causes the patron to see a blank white screen within the frame.